Erica Schumacher is a US designer & art director on both sides of the “pond”
The Co-operative: Branding

Previously a fragmented group of regional initiatives, the co-operatives had recently come together to form one solid organisation – The Co-operative. Following the creation of their new brand mark, I worked with Lippa Pearce to carry the look, feel and brand ethos across all associated branches (travel, local store, bank, pharmacy, funeral care, etc).

Beginning with their individual websites, we applied the brand to retail signage, print promotions, vehicle liveries and other materials. A boxed set of retail booklets was also created to educate and inspire board members about the upcoming changes to the organisation.

Studio: Lippa Pearce

University of Westminster: Make Your Opinion Count (National Student Survey campaign)

The National Student Survey is a ranking system which invites graduating students to rate their institution. As universities are scored both by student opinion and the actual number of responses, it was essential that the U of W reach its targeted 3rd Years for input.

Our solution was the Make Your Opinion Count campaign. Mounted in each of the U of W centres, it was preceded by a blind guerilla campaign: One week prior to launch, numbers began mysteriously appearing around campus, growing in both quantity and curious formation. Neither students nor staff were informed of their purpose – only that “it is a countdown ”.

The University reported a significant increase in applicants from years prior, with 5 schools and 11 departments exceeding the national average and over a 70% response rate.

Studio: Holmes Wood

Cartoon Network: Stationery

CN wished to boast the number of cartoons in its network and promote its in-house productions. A system of five letterhead cover pages was created – each with corresponding continuation page. Employees were encouraged to mix and match these at random to convey the playful nature of the network and maximise the exposure of each character. The theme is continued through the suite of business cards issued to all staff.

*Winner of Promax and BDA Best Stationery Award

Studio: Cartoon Network

Novartis - Aro: Logo, identity and place cards

The Novartis archives in Basel contained decades' worth of raw data collected from kidney dialysis machines around the world, but it had yet to be interpreted into a comprehensive research base. Hence the formation of Aro – an organisation created to set upon this task.

For their identity I chose a clean type-driven solution, enforced by a linear pattern which graphically reflects the raw computer information collected.

Studio: CDM Europe

Cafe Diem: Menu, wine lists and take-away cards

The graphics for this hub of students, artists and intellectuals were inspired by its very ambiance – an avant garde mélange much akin to Paris in that same era.

Book plate menus were rubber-stamped into second-hand hardbacks. Book marks doubled as wine lists – red on one side, white on the other. And a nostalgic library card pocket dispensed take-away menus, requesting naturally that you “please return ”.

Myrrh: Logo, identity and prospectus

A London trades college with three branches, Myrrh needed an identity that would convey its position as a modern and professional institution. Yet it did not want to lose sight of its charitable foundations in the Catholic church. Biblical, botanical and cultural origins of myrrh were all researched to create a mark and colour palette accordingly.

Studio: Sharpedge

Novartis – Indicaterol: Take a Breather (World COPD Day promotion)

Prior to the launch of its new drug to combat COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Novartis wanted to announce and celebrate the hard work of the Indicaterol team to everyone in the company.

Marking World COPD Day, the Take A Breather promotion stressed the simplest activities most of us take for granted – but which COPD sufferers struggle to enjoy. A “Pinwheel of Fortune” invited staff to puff-and-spin to compete in a COPD quiz. Wind-powered toys and prizes were awarded.

And a hot air popper blew the aroma of popcorn throughout the building, enticing employees to take a deep breath and follow their nose to the event.

Studio: CDM Europe

Hermitage Harvest Walkabout: Australian Wine Festival Poster

Combining traditions of both ancient wine harvesting and native Australia, the poster encouraged readers to stroll round the grounds for a smashing day out. (This project I really put myself into – using my own feet!)

Knight Frank - Hammersmith Embankment Office Park: Branding

Playing upon the amenities and advantages of a riverside lifestyle, we used digital visualisation and strong graphic language to create a brand experience for this yet-unrealised office development. Stressing the convenient access to central London with the serenity of the riverwalk, Well Connected Tranquillity was born.

Initially created as a video presentation to investors, the identity was then extended across a public website, print material and direct mail concepts.

Studio: Sharpedge

Knight Frank: Brand guidelines

In a green effort to reduce paper waste and ensure international consistency, this 205 page guidelines was created in pdf format, accessible via the Knight Frank intranet. A thorough and exhaustive documentation of all brand usage, it was designed with maximum functionality in mind – and, where appropriate, the odd nod to wit.

Studio: Hat-Trick